When a male is being good and do something good they call him a man, but when a female is being great and do everything ever greater, they never call her a woman!!!

I ask myself over and over: WHO IS THE MAN?


BookMark said...

مجتمعنا .... لا يحتاج للتعليق

Seema* said...

مؤسف أن يقود مجتمعنا شيء من التخلف! :\

sweetd said...

interesting...people always expect women to be perfect...:/ and men to be what they want to be! thats life..:D but then again...women are great :P so why not be great :P

DK said...

الإجابة في عيونج ; )

Anonymous said...

لول .. غالبا يقولون عنها عن عشرة رياييل
بس ساعات يقولن صااارت خووش مرة
كلشي بيتغيير .. الحين المرة صايرة حالها من حال الرياييل اني ويز